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XE Market Analysis: Asia - Aug 29, 2014

The dollar was largely steady through the morning session, showing very little reaction to slightly softer income and PCE data, and better Chicago ISM and Michigan sentiment indicators. Later though, the dollar picked up broadly. London dollar buying was noted into the weekend and month-end, perhaps exacerbated by geopolitical tensions, helped by the U.K. raising its terror warning to "severe". Aside from the ISIS crisis, Russian president Putin appeared to ramp up rhetoric by addressing rebels directly, praising their success inside Ukraine, according to Russian press outlet RIA.


International Week in Review: Concern Mounting About the EU and Japan Edition

          This week, two economies moved into the “we are growing concerned” column, starting with the EU.  As I discussed earlier today, the unemployment rate ticked down .1% to 11.5% in its latest reading while CPI dropped another .1% to .3% Y/Y.  As if these numbers weren’t bad enough, private lending contracted again, this time by 1.6% and business sentiment was broadly flat:


Problems Mount For The EU

     Today, two key economic EU indicators were released: unemployment and inflation.  Neither had any good news for the EU.

     Let's start with inflation, which printed at .3%.  The downward march to 0% continues:


XE Market Analysis: North America - Aug 29, 2014

The euro reverted to near net unchanged levels against the dollar after a brief rally in the wake of the pan-Eurozone inflation data, which met expectations at 0.3% y/y, dipping from 0.4% y/y in July but not exactly the "significant drop" towards deflation territory that the ECB reportedly would have needed to see if it were to take further policy action at next week's meeting. EUR-USD reached a high of 1.3205 in the immediate wake of inflation data before sliding back to the 1.3175-85 range. We are targeting last September's low at 1.3105 and 1.3000. USD-JPY lifted to the high 103s.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3.00pm CET

AUD1.4123Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL2.9600Brasilian real
CAD1.4314Canadian dollar
CHF1.2061Swiss franc
CNY8.1018Chinese yuan
CZK27.725Czech koruna
DKK7.4520Danish krone
GBP0.79530Pound sterling
HKD10.2208Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.6210Croatian kuna
HUF315.02Hungarian forint
IDR15437.61Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.7057Israeli shekel
INR79.8100Indian rupee
JPY137.11Japanese yen
KRW1337.97South Korean won
LTL3.4528Lithuanian litas
MXN17.2664Mexican peso
MYR4.1648Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.1465Norwegian krone
NZD1.5752New Zealand dollar
PHP57.583Philippine peso
PLN4.2171Polish zloty
RON4.4065New Romanian leu
RUB48.7406Russian rouble
SEK9.1658Swedish krona
SGD1.6456Singapore dollar
THB42.141Thai baht
TRY2.8506Turkish lira
USD1.3188US dollar
ZAR14.0190South African rand

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