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Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3pm CET

AUD1.4535Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL3.0114Brasilian real
CAD1.4323Canadian dollar
CHF1.0468Swiss franc
CNY7.0639Chinese yuan
CZK27.797Czech koruna
DKK7.4440Danish krone
GBP0.75110Pound sterling
HKD8.7636Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.6975Croatian kuna
HUF312.03Hungarian forint
IDR14342.10Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.4475Israeli shekel
INR70.1133Indian rupee
JPY133.08Japanese yen
KRW1246.54South Korean won
MXN16.8382Mexican peso
MYR4.1100Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.8335Norwegian krone
NZD1.5568New Zealand dollar
PHP49.934Philippine peso
PLN4.2075Polish zloty
RON4.4420New Romanian leu
RUB79.9250Russian rouble
SEK9.3612Swedish krona
SGD1.5292Singapore dollar
THB37.055Thai baht
TRY2.7579Turkish lira
USD1.1305US dollar
ZAR13.1028South African rand

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News from money markets

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Jan 30, 2015

The dollar was mixed in N.Y. trade on Friday, though a disappointing Q4 GDP print sent yields and Wall Street lower again. Despite that, EUR-USD headed down to the 1.12 handle, following reports that Greece's new government may not cooperate with the troika. The pairing based at 1.1282. USD-JPY meanwhile, didn't like the sour risk backdrop, as it fell to 117.30 lows, from session highs of 117.85. USD-CAD was the biggest mover of the day, as soft GDP numbers from both sides of the border saw that pairing fly to 1.2799 highs, after opening near 1.2650. Cable traded briefly under 1.5000.


International Economic Week in Review: Just How Strong Is the US Economy?

While this weekly column usually looks at a number of countries, this week will be different.  The general tenor of economic news from most large OECD countries is at best concerning: the EU is grappling with deflation, Japan’s experiment with Abenomics is struggling, Australia’s transition away from a raw material exporting economy is having problems and now Canada’s reliance on oil exports has led their central bank to cut rates.  The only other major economy to post solid numbers is the UK, but they don’t have the size to absorb world growt


XE Market Analysis: North America - Jan 30, 2015

The dollar came under broader pressure. EUR-USD worked higher, to the 1.1350 area despite a -0.6% y/y reading in Eurozone HICP in preliminary January data. A dip in Eurozone unemployment to 11.4% from 11.5% helped offset, while the market is also aware that the ECB's QE program, designed to eradicate deflation, doesn't commence until March. 'Grexit' concerns have come off the boil with the new Greek government pledging to look for common ground with the Troika. USD-JPY has ebbed toward the lower part of the range that's been seen over the last 10-days in dipping to the 117.50 area.


XE Market Analysis: Europe - Jan 30, 2015

EUR-USD has traded a narrow path in Asia, holding in the low-to-mid 1.13s and remaining well within yesterday's range. 'Grexit' concerns have come off the boil with the new Greek government pledging to look for common ground with the Troika. Focus now is on Eurozone CPI data. USD-JPY remains on a broadly sideways path, anchored on 118.00, which has roughly been the mid-point of trade for most of January so far.


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