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Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3pm CET

AUD1.3842Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL3.2562Brasilian real
CAD1.3183Canadian dollar
CHF1.0297Swiss franc
CNY6.7013Chinese yuan
CZK27.486Czech koruna
DKK7.4608Danish krone
GBP0.71990Pound sterling
HKD8.3820Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.5690Croatian kuna
HUF301.36Hungarian forint
IDR13838.67Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.2390Israeli shekel
INR67.4740Indian rupee
JPY128.45Japanese yen
KRW1167.11South Korean won
MXN16.4205Mexican peso
MYR3.9110Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.3970Norwegian krone
NZD1.4025New Zealand dollar
PHP47.819Philippine peso
PLN4.0187Polish zloty
RON4.4180New Romanian leu
RUB54.9086Russian rouble
SEK9.2921Swedish krona
SGD1.4522Singapore dollar
THB34.992Thai baht
TRY2.9037Turkish lira
USD1.0814US dollar
ZAR12.9192South African rand

Currency exchange rates, курс валют, שערי חליפין

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News from money markets

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Apr 17, 2015

The dollar rallied early in the aftermath of warmer U.S. CPI data, though with corporate earnings under some pressure this quarter, renewed Greece concerns, lower yields, and a subsequent Wall Street sell-off, the greenback soon moved generally lower again. EUR-USD fell from session highs of 1.0844 after the data, falling to a low of 1.0733 before heading higher again. USD-JPY managed 119.26 highs, though gave back the 119 handle into the London close, before basing at 118. 82.


International Economic Week in Review: Slack, Slack, Everywhere There's Slack Edition

     High levels of global slack are the primary cause of deflationary pressures.  Weak industrial production in the EU and UK is lowering demand for industrial inputs; Japan’s depressed capacity utilization rate is contributing to the phenomena.  Low US and EU labor utilization levels are depressing consumer demand.  Finally, in response to China’s insatiable raw materials appetite, Australian business overbuilt their basic materials sector, flooding the market with raw materials at literally the worst time possible.  The combined impact of t


XE Market Analysis: North America - Apr 17, 2015

EUR-USD vaulted to a 10-day high of 1.0833 on breaking yesterday's peak at 1.0817 and triggering a batch of buy stops through 1.0820. The move comes despite the dollar's yield advantage holding up well, near 180 bp at the 10-year T-note versus Bund maturity. Recent EUR-USD gains have mostly been prompted by a run of softer U.S. data that has all but switched off chances of a Fed tightening as soon as June.


XE Market Analysis: Europe - Apr 17, 2015

EUR-USD is softer after peaking at 1.0817. This level and the 20-day moving average at 1.0801 mark near-to resistance. Recent gains have mostly been prompted by a run of softer U.S. data that has all but switched off chances of a Fed tightening as soon as June. The euro, meanwhile, has the benefit of signs of economic recovery, though ECB boss Draghi stressed this week, albeit indirectly, that there would be no tapering of the QE program, while the Greek situation remains a significant wildcard risk factor.


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