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Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3pm CET

AUD1.4169Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL2.9057Brasilian real
CAD1.3937Canadian dollar
CHF0.9816Swiss franc
CNY6.9750Chinese yuan
CZK27.831Czech koruna
DKK7.4430Danish krone
GBP0.74730Pound sterling
HKD8.6809Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.7028Croatian kuna
HUF310.91Hungarian forint
IDR13975.38Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.4766Israeli shekel
INR68.8660Indian rupee
JPY132.12Japanese yen
KRW1208.90South Korean won
MXN16.4851Mexican peso
MYR4.0281Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.7055Norwegian krone
NZD1.5032New Zealand dollar
PHP49.359Philippine peso
PLN4.2279Polish zloty
RON4.4892New Romanian leu
RUB72.2195Russian rouble
SEK9.3327Swedish krona
SGD1.5058Singapore dollar
THB36.517Thai baht
TRY2.6340Turkish lira
USD1.1198US dollar
ZAR12.8430South African rand

Currency exchange rates, курс валют, שערי חליפין

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News from money markets

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Jan 26, 2015

The dollar corrected some after posting fresh highs against most currencies. EUR-USD logged a fresh 11-year low at 1.1098, subsequently rebounding above 1.1200. In Greece, the opposition party Syriza won the Sunday election, putting the austerity programs in doubt. We think the ECB QE program should keep a lid on contagion in Eurozone markets, but investors will be keeping close tabs on how things unfold in Athens in the period ahead, with 'Grexit' concerns likely to heighten.


International Economic Preview For the Week of January 26-30

          The following economic releases will have a disproportionate impact on trading in the coming week.


Japanese CGPI: Although Japanese prices ramped up after the BOJs initial monetary policy actions, they have since stalled in their advancement.  The CSPI is no exception, as shown in this chart from the latest release:


Weekly Indicators: weakness spreads in coincident indicators, but corporate bond prices make 50+ year high edition

Monthly December reports reported in the last week were highlighted by the index of Leading Indicators, up +0.5. Housing starts were up slightly, while housing permits were down slightly.  Existing home sales were up.  All three housing reports were positive YoY.  

I look at the high frequency weekly indicators because while they can be very noisy, they provide an up-to-this-week snapshot of the economy.  The indicators will confirm a trend or indicate a switch in trend well before monthly reports, and are a way to mark one's opinions to market on a regular basis.


XE Market Analysis: Asia - Jan 23, 2015

The dollar rallied to new highs against the euro in early N.Y. trade on Friday, touching 1.1115 lows before rallying sharply on the back of a solid round of pre-weekend short covering. The pairing hit 1.1289 highs into the London close, before drifting back into 1.1220. The euro remains in sell the rally mode, though given the sharp losses seen since the ECB meeting, position paring did not come as a total surprise. Elsewhere, USD-JPY again failed to hold the 118 handle, as soggy stocks, and ongoing Japanese selling over the figure weighed.


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