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XE Market Analysis: North America - Sep 02, 2014

The dollar has continued to ascend, with EUR-USD making a fresh one-year low of 1.3114 so far, USD-JPY making a new eight-month peak three pips shy of the 105.00 level, and Cable making six-month lows, despite a strong construction PM survey out of the U.K. The dop in Eurozone PPI to -1.1% y/y aided EUD-USD lower, while yesterday's weak manufacturing PMI data out of the Eurozone, U.K.


XE Market Analysis: Europe - Sep 02, 2014

The dollar extended gains in the pre-European session in Asia. This follows yesterday's move, where weak PMI data out of the Eurozone, U.K. and China gave the greenback an underpinning. EUR-USD made a fresh one-year low at 1.3114, and Cable more than reversed the rebound of yesterday in dipping back below 1.6600 to 1.6577. USD-JPY was the clear outperformer as the yen once against underperformed on the view that the BoJ is heading for fresh monetary stimulus to counter the impact of the sales tax hike.


XE Market Analysis: Asia - Sep 01, 2014

The dollar remained underpinned, which we expect to remain the case into Friday's August U.S. employment report, posting a one-year high against the euro and a seven-month peak versus the yen. EUR-USD's low was 1.3119, which was seen in Asian trade, before the euro settled near net unchanged levels around 1.3135-45. Eurozone August final manufacturing PMI was revised down to 50.7 from 51.8 in the preliminary reading, down from 51.8 in July. U.K.


XE Market Analysis: North America - Sep 01, 2014

The dollar is trading near 1-year highs against the euro, boosted by U.S. economic outperformance and with the EUR also weighed down by ongoing tensions in the Ukraine, which are adding to German and Eurozone growth concerns. Australia's dollar was pressured by the weaker than expected manufacturing PMI, while New Zealand's dollar bounced back after a rise in the trade balance. EUR-USD is trading around 1.3134 but the EUR managed gains against the Yen, which lost ground across the board. With the U.S. and Canada on holiday today markets are likely to remain quiet.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3.00pm CET

AUD1.4129Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL2.9553Brasilian real
CAD1.4307Canadian dollar
CHF1.2072Swiss franc
CNY8.0630Chinese yuan
CZK27.784Czech koruna
DKK7.4477Danish krone
GBP0.79330Pound sterling
HKD10.1645Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.6083Croatian kuna
HUF315.49Hungarian forint
IDR15407.39Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.6942Israeli shekel
INR79.5949Indian rupee
JPY137.63Japanese yen
KRW1335.88South Korean won
LTL3.4528Lithuanian litas
MXN17.2207Mexican peso
MYR4.1766Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.1220Norwegian krone
NZD1.5746New Zealand dollar
PHP57.333Philippine peso
PLN4.2141Polish zloty
RON4.4116New Romanian leu
RUB49.1505Russian rouble
SEK9.2018Swedish krona
SGD1.6441Singapore dollar
THB42.097Thai baht
TRY2.8511Turkish lira
USD1.3115US dollar
ZAR14.0767South African rand

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