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International Week In Review: The Absence Of Bad News Is A Minor Victory Edition

     The week before this, it seemed as though the bottom was beginning to drop out of the financial markets.  Equities, which are the most visible financial market, sold off sharply and bonds rallied.  News stories of the sell-off increased, adding to the overall intensity.  In contrast, this week we saw a rebound in the equity markets and a far more muted financial press.  But this latest rally could be considered more technical than fundamental, as traders simply picked-up what they perceived to be under-valued shares.  There was also a lac


XE Market Analysis: Asia - Oct 24, 2014

FX trade was relatively quiet in N.Y. on Friday, with the dollar losing ground to the European majors, while posting modest gains against the yen and the CAD. The only data point was new home sales, which were revised down in August, and barely improved in September from there. Despite the Ebola scare in NYC, Wall Street managed modest gains, while Treasury yields were fairly steady through the session. EUR-USD ranged between 1.2545-95, ending about mid-range, while USD-JPY traversed a 107,70-108.17 band, ending up just over 108.00.



XE Market Analysis: North America - Oct 24, 2014

Reports of a first Ebola case in New York city spooked equity markets and underpinned core sovereign bond prices but had limited evident impact in currency markets. EUR-USD was trading at near net unchanged levels on the day, at 1.2648 bid in early PM trade in Europe. The euro had failed to sustain an early-session run to 1.2665 following German consumer confidence data, which made it two days in a row that the Eurozone has seen upside data surprises.


XE Market Analysis: Europe - Oct 24, 2014

EUR-USD has lifted on German confidence data, which provided an unexpected upside surprise out of the Eurozone for a second day in a row following yesterday's jump in PMI data. Rare good news for the euro, which has breached the Asia high at 1.2661 against the dollar after opening in London at 1.2654. Resistance is marked at 1.2690 (20-day moving average) and 1.2739 (Wednesday's peak). The euro has also perked up against sterling and the yen. Elsewhere, the dollar has generally consolidated at moderately lower levels after extending gains yesterday after a firm U.S.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3.00pm CET

AUD1.4396Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL3.1541Brasilian real
CAD1.4191Canadian dollar
CHF1.2060Swiss franc
CNY7.7426Chinese yuan
CZK27.695Czech koruna
DKK7.4452Danish krone
GBP0.78870Pound sterling
HKD9.8206Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.6730Croatian kuna
HUF308.65Hungarian forint
IDR15286.41Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.7906Israeli shekel
INR77.4541Indian rupee
JPY136.64Japanese yen
KRW1338.21South Korean won
LTL3.4528Lithuanian litas
MXN17.1406Mexican peso
MYR4.1496Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.3400Norwegian krone
NZD1.6116New Zealand dollar
PHP56.690Philippine peso
PLN4.2235Polish zloty
RON4.4230New Romanian leu
RUB53.1330Russian rouble
SEK9.1881Swedish krona
SGD1.6158Singapore dollar
THB41.025Thai baht
TRY2.8332Turkish lira
USD1.2659US dollar
ZAR13.8878South African rand

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