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Foreign Exchange Rates

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AUD1.4735Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL3.6306Brasilian real
CAD1.4595Canadian dollar
CHF1.0892Swiss franc
CNY7.3838Chinese yuan
CZK27.045Czech koruna
DKK7.4398Danish krone
GBP0.84220Pound sterling
HKD8.6022Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.4855Croatian kuna
HUF312.15Hungarian forint
IDR14530.67Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.2383Israeli shekel
INR74.3543Indian rupee
JPY116.14Japanese yen
KRW1251.17South Korean won
MXN20.8716Mexican peso
MYR4.5018Malaysian ringgit
NOK9.4405Norwegian krone
NZD1.5646New Zealand dollar
PHP52.242Philippine peso
PLN4.3636Polish zloty
RON4.4585New Romanian leu
RUB73.6747Russian rouble
SEK9.5497Swedish krona
SGD1.4977Singapore dollar
THB38.676Thai baht
TRY3.3491Turkish lira
USD1.1090US dollar
ZAR15.7968South African rand

Currency exchange rates, курс валют, שערי חליפין

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