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Foreign Exchange Rates

Exchange rates from European Bank 3pm CET

AUD1.4227Australian dollar
BGN1.9558Bulgarian lev
BRL2.9184Brasilian real
CAD1.4009Canadian dollar
CHF1.0014Swiss franc
CNY7.0324Chinese yuan
CZK27.754Czech koruna
DKK7.4450Danish krone
GBP0.74895Pound sterling
HKD8.7170Hong Kong dollar
HRK7.7020Croatian kuna
HUF310.67Hungarian forint
IDR14047.63Indonesian rupiah
ILS4.4938Israeli shekel
INR69.0691Indian rupee
JPY133.03Japanese yen
KRW1217.04South Korean won
MXN16.4691Mexican peso
MYR4.0584Malaysian ringgit
NOK8.7345Norwegian krone
NZD1.5128New Zealand dollar
PHP49.574Philippine peso
PLN4.2157Polish zloty
RON4.4744New Romanian leu
RUB73.8368Russian rouble
SEK9.3628Swedish krona
SGD1.5111Singapore dollar
THB36.631Thai baht
TRY2.6526Turkish lira
USD1.1244US dollar
ZAR12.9073South African rand

Currency exchange rates, курс валют, שערי חליפין

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News from money markets

XE Market Analysis: North America - Jan 27, 2015

A generally firmer euro was the main theme in European AM trade, while the dollar traded mixed. EUR-USD ran to a peak of 1.1345, underpinned by the SNB's Danthine saying that the central bank remains prepared for intervention despite abandoning the former EUR-CHF peg at 1.2000. Stops through 1.1300-10 added fuel to the move. EUR-CHF, for its part, spiked to a 1.0382 high, the best level seen since the SNB abandoned the peg at 1.2000 on Jan-15, though subsequently retreated back to near net unchanged levels around 1.0100.


XE Market Analysis: Europe - Jan 27, 2015

The dollar and main currencies were relative steady today, settling after yesterday's EUR-JPY centred whipsaw. EUR-USD traded in the low-to-mid 1.12s, holding comfortably above the 1.1098 low that was seen during the early hours of Asian trade on Monday. The speculative market had gotten itself excessive short of euros during the lead up to and after the ECB QE announcement last week. We still expect the euro will work its way toward parity against the dollar once the quant program kicks in March.


XE Market Analysis: Asia - Jan 26, 2015

FX trade was relatively calm in N.Y. on Monday, and the dollar was mixed overall. EUR-USD moved up to 1.1290, as cable rallied to 1.5100. USD-CHF was higher however, with that move led by a round of EUR-CHF short covering. The cross moved back over 1.0100. USD-JPY was modestly firmer, as speculation over new BoJ stimulus made the rounds. USD-CAD meanwhile, eased back from trend highs posted in London, moving under 1.2410. Aside from the Dallas Fed index, which was largely overlooked, the U.S. calendar was empty.


The Failure of Austerity, Greek Edition

          The recent victory in Greece of the Syriza party marks the first time an anti-austerity party has achieved a meaningful electoral win in an EU country.  A few simple charts explain the reasons for their victory.


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