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ECB excange rates, 26 December 2014

PLN exchange rate today

1 PLN = 1.2476 LTL

LTL exchange rate today

1 LTL = 0.8015 PLN

Converter PLN LTL, exchange rates

exchange rate PLN to LTL converter
zł 1 PLN = Lt 0.80 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 2 PLN = Lt 1.60 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 5 PLN = Lt 4.01 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 10 PLN = Lt 8.02 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 20 PLN = Lt 16.03 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 50 PLN = Lt 40.08 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 100 PLN = Lt 80.15 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 200 PLN = Lt 160.30 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 500 PLN = Lt 400.76 LTL (Lithuanian litas)
zł 1000 PLN = Lt 801.52 LTL (Lithuanian litas)

Converter LTL PLN, exchange rates

exchange rate LTL to PLN converter
Lt 1 LTL = zł 1.25 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 2 LTL = zł 2.50 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 5 LTL = zł 6.24 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 10 LTL = zł 12.48 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 20 LTL = zł 24.95 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 50 LTL = zł 62.38 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 100 LTL = zł 124.76 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 200 LTL = zł 249.53 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 500 LTL = zł 623.81 PLN (Polish zloty)
Lt 1000 LTL = zł 1247.63 PLN (Polish zloty)
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PLN to LTL converter and excange rates.

What is PLN

The Polish zloty (zł PLN) is the currency in Poland. Each modern Polish zloty is is subdivided into 100 groszy. According to Merrypenny money calculator the most popular rate is British pound to zloty. As a result of inflation in the early 1990s, the currency underwent redenomination. Thus, on the 1st of January 1995 10,000 old złotych (PLZ) became one new złoty. Find out more what is PLN...

What is LTL

LTL or the Lithuanian litas, symbolized as Lt is the currency of Lithuania. Each litas is divided into 100 centų. Coins go as little as 1 centas to 5 litas, while banknotes (bills) go as from 10 litas to 500 litas. Merrypenny currency rankings show that the most popular Lithuania litas exchange rate is the USD to LTL rate, second popular exchange is LTL to EUR. The litas has been pegged to euro at the rate of 3.4528 Lt = 1 EUR. Euro being the official peg currency makes commercial banks to follow Lithuanian Central Bank mandate to not exceed 0.50 percent margin in commercial transactions. Find out more what is LTL...

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