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Illustration to PLN to NOK converter. Illustration to PLN to NOK converter.

Polish zloty and Norwegian krone.

PLN / NOK converter

ECB excange rates
18 October 2021

PLN exchange rate today:

1 PLN = 0.4574 NOK

NOK exchange rate today:

1 NOK = 2.186 PLN

Norwegian krone
Polish zloty

Convert PLN to NOK.
zł 1 PLN = kr 2.19 NOK
zł 2 PLN = kr 4.37 NOK
zł 5 PLN = kr 10.93 NOK
zł 10 PLN = kr 21.86 NOK
zł 20 PLN = kr 43.72 NOK
zł 50 PLN = kr 109.30 NOK
zł 100 PLN = kr 218.60 NOK
zł 200 PLN = kr 437.21 NOK
zł 500 PLN = kr 1093.02 NOK
zł 1000 PLN = kr 2186.03 NOK

Polish zloty
Norwegian krone

Convert NOK to PLN.
kr 1 NOK = zł 0.46 PLN
kr 2 NOK = zł 0.91 PLN
kr 5 NOK = zł 2.29 PLN
kr 10 NOK = zł 4.57 PLN
kr 20 NOK = zł 9.15 PLN
kr 50 NOK = zł 22.87 PLN
kr 100 NOK = zł 45.74 PLN
kr 200 NOK = zł 91.49 PLN
kr 500 NOK = zł 228.72 PLN
kr 1000 NOK = zł 457.45 PLN

What is PLN

The Polish zloty (zł PLN) is the currency in Poland. Each modern Polish zloty is is subdivided into 100 groszy. According to Merrypenny money calculator the most popular rate is British pound to zloty. As a result of inflation in the early 1990s, the currency underwent redenomination. Thus, on the 1st of January 1995 10,000 old złotych (PLZ) became one new złoty. Find out more what is PLN...

What is NOK

The krone is the currency of Norway and its dependent territories. The plural form is kroner. The common local abbrevation of krone is kr and the code NOK. Krone is subdivided into 100 øre. The name translates into English as "crown". The value of Norwegian kroner compared to other currencies varies considerably from one year to another, mainly based on changes in oil prices and interest rates. According to Merrypenny money calculator the most popular rate is Norwegian krone to GBP. Find out more what is NOK...

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