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Illustration to RON to SEK converter. Illustration to RON to SEK converter.

Romanian leu and Swedish krona.

RON / SEK converter

ECB excange rates
19 October 2021

RON exchange rate today:

1 RON = 0.4865 SEK

SEK exchange rate today:

1 SEK = 2.0555 RON

Swedish krona
Romanian leu

Convert RON to SEK.
L 1 RON = kr 2.06 SEK
L 2 RON = kr 4.11 SEK
L 5 RON = kr 10.28 SEK
L 10 RON = kr 20.56 SEK
L 20 RON = kr 41.11 SEK
L 50 RON = kr 102.78 SEK
L 100 RON = kr 205.55 SEK
L 200 RON = kr 411.10 SEK
L 500 RON = kr 1027.75 SEK
L 1000 RON = kr 2055.51 SEK

Romanian leu
Swedish krona

Convert SEK to RON.
kr 1 SEK = L 0.49 RON
kr 2 SEK = L 0.97 RON
kr 5 SEK = L 2.43 RON
kr 10 SEK = L 4.86 RON
kr 20 SEK = L 9.73 RON
kr 50 SEK = L 24.32 RON
kr 100 SEK = L 48.65 RON
kr 200 SEK = L 97.30 RON
kr 500 SEK = L 243.25 RON
kr 1000 SEK = L 486.50 RON

What is RON

Romanian leu (plural: lei) is the currency of Romania. Each leu is subdivided into 100 bani (singular: ban). The name of the currency means "lion". Romanian currency symbol is RON. In 2005 Romania underwent a currency reform, switching from the previous new leu (ROL) to another new leu (RON). 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. According to the Romanian Currency Converter of Merrypenny the most popular rate is Romanian leu to euro. Find out more what is RON...

What is SEK

Swedish krona is the currency of Sweden since 1873 and its ISO code is SEK. Traditionally Swedes sign their currency on price tags and elsewhere as :- or simply kr.

Since krona literally means crown in Swedish, it's sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown in English language.

One krona is subdivided into 100 öre. However, all öre coins were ditched back on 2010.

According to the Merrypenny Currency Converter the most popular conversion rate is Swedish krona to euro.

Find out more what is SEK...

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