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What is CAD?

Canadian dollar - CAD.

What is CAD? It's Cansadian dollar, $.

Canadian polymer dollars.

These polymer notes of the Canadian dollar are expected to last 2.5 times as long as bank notes printed on paper. The new designs include new security measures to protect from counterfeiting. Two transparent areas on the bill, one in the shape of a maple leaf, and one running from top to bottom featuring complex holograms.

Canadian dollar

CAD is the currency code for the Canadian dollar which is represented in accounting with the $ symbol or C$ when necessary contextually to delineate it from other currencies denominated in dollars. The Bank of Canada is responsible for governance and implementation of Canadian monetary policy, issuance of Canadian notes, coin, and CAD currency. The Bank of Canada is wholly owned and operated by the Government of Canada. 1 Canadian Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents. Merrypenny currency rankings show that the most popular Canada Dollar conversion is canadian dollar to us dollar.

Currency fact sheet

Canadian dollar fact sheet.
Name Canadian dollar
ISO 4217 code CAD
Sign $
Symbol $ or C$ or CAD$
Coin 50¢ 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2
Banknote $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Central bank Bank of Canada
Nickname English: loonie, buck. French: huard, piastre (pronounced piasse in popular usage).

More about...

More about the Canadian dollar.

Before the beaver pelts and moose skins were used as a money in Canada. Then on 8th of June 1685 the first card money was printed, on playing cards. This money was easy to counterfeit so 1722 copper coins were introduced, though merchants didn't like them; they continued to let people buy goods based on their own credit standing.

In 1817 the Bank of Montreal issued the first bank notes in Canada. Other banks soon followed suit. The notes were well received and became the main means of payment in British North America. A brief history of the Canadian dollar.

In the beginning of 2013 the Bank of Canada was forced to officially deny that the their polymer banknotes had any scent added, after authorities were inundated with queries from consumers about why they detected a "hint of maple" when smelling Canadian money.

Detail from Canadian money.

Money makes the world go round. The currency across Canada is the Canadian dollar. The most commonly available bank notes are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Titanic on Canadian coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint offers Titanic Commemorative Coins, a 50-cent silver-plated colored coin limited to 15,000 coins worldwide and a 25-cent colored coin with no mintage limit.

Exchange rates

What is the Canadian dollar rate today?

Bank of Canada

Established by the Bank of Canada Act of 1934, the Bank of Canada serves as the central bank called upon to "focus on the goals of low and stable inflation, a safe and secure currency, financial stability and the efficient management of government funds and public debt." Acting independently, Canada's central bank draws similarities with the Swiss National Bank because it is sometimes treated as a corporation, with the Ministry of Finance directly holding shares. Despite the proximity of the government's interests, it is the responsibility of the governor to promote price stability at an arm's length from the current administration, while simultaneously considering the government's concerns. Canadian central bank.

The Bank of Canada manages the circulation and monetary policy of the floating yet highly dependent currency. The Canadian dollar is heavily intertwined with economic developments in the United States and the US dollar. This is compounded with the high trade dependence Canada shares with the US and is only mitigated by the price of commodities such as oil in which Canada is a net exporter and therefore can leverage these exports to support the Canadian dollar. The Bank of Canada follows its mandate of promoting the economic well being of the nation in juxtaposition to the mandate of many central banks as price stability.

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