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What is HUF

Hands holding Hungarian forint, HUF.

What is HUF? It's Hungarian forint, Ft.

Currency in Hungary.

People in Hungary carry hard currency in their pockets.

Hungarian forint

HUF is currency code of the Hungarian forint. The forint sign is Ft. Forint is divided into 100 fillér. Merrypenny currency converter shows that the most popular Hungarian forint exchange rate is the forint to EUR rate. The Hungarian currency is fully convertible since 2001. When traveling to Hungary, one may face several currency import and export restrictions. Import of local money exceeding 350,000 forint, and export, amounts over 100,000 forint requires permission from the national bank of Hungary. All foreign currency must be declared for import. The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary.

Currency fact sheet

Hungarian forint fact sheet.
Name Hungarian forint
ISO 4217 code HUF
Sign Ft
Symbol Ft
Coin 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 forint
Banknote 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 forint
Central bank Hungarian National Bank

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More about the Hungarian money.

The forint's name comes from the city of Florence, where golden coins were minted from 1252 called fiorino d'oro. Hungary took the florentinus, later forint, in use 1325. Historically the Hungarian forint is divided into 100 fillér, although fillér coins are no longer in circulation since 1999. 1 and 2 forint coins were withdrawn from use from 1 March 2008.

The Hungarian currency is the forint today and there are coins of 5Ft, 10Ft, 20Ft, 50Ft and 100Ft. Notes come in seven denominations: 200Ft, 500Ft, 1000Ft, 2000Ft, 5000Ft, 10, 000Ft and 20, 000Ft.

The green 200Ft note features the 14th-century king Charles Robert and his castle at Diósgyőr near Miskolc. The hero of the independence wars, Ferenc Rákóczi II, and Sárospatak Castle are on the burgundy- coloured 500Ft note. The 1000Ft note is blue and bears a portrait of King Matthias Corvinus, with Hercules Well at Visegrád Castle on the verso. The 17th-century prince of Transylvania Gábor Bethlen is on his own on one side of the 2000Ft bill and meeting with his advisers on the other.

The 'greatest Hungarian', Count István Széchenyi, and his family home at Nagycenk are on the purple 5000Ft note. The 10, 000Ft bears a likeness of King Stephen, with a scene in Esztergom appearing on the other side. The 20, 000Ft note, currently the highest denomination, has Ferenc Deák, the architect of the 1867 Compromise, on the recto and the erstwhile House of Commons in Pest (now the Italian Institute of Culture on VIII Bródy Sándor utca) on the verso.

Forged 20,000 forint banknotes are not easy to recognize as they are printed on the paper of 2,000 forint notes after dissolving the original ink. The official money is printed by the Hungarian Banknote Printing Corp. in Budapest.

Fragment of a 20,000 Forint note.

The 20,000 Forint note, worth US$111, features a superb walrus stache, in absolutely uncirculated condition.

2 forint coin.

Have you been lucky and found some leftover Hungarian forint coins?

Exchange rates

What is the forint exchange rate today?

National bank of Hungary

The Hungarian National Bank, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, is the central bank of Hungary. The principal aim of the bank is to retain price stability. It is also responsible for issuing the national currency, the forint, controlling the cash circulation, setting the Central Bank base rate, publishing official exchange rates and managing the national reserves of foreign currency and gold to influence exchange rates. Magyar Nemzeti Bank controls the country’s monetary policy.

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What is HUF - a currency that is a medium of exchange in countries that use Hungarian forint, Ft. What is the unit of money in Hungary? Find out more: euro forint and hungary currency.

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