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Illustration to BRL to RON converter. Illustration to BRL to RON converter.

Brazilian real and Romanian leu.

BRL / RON converter

ECB excange rates
21 January 2022

BRL exchange rate today:

1 BRL = 1.245 RON

RON exchange rate today:

1 RON = 0.8032 BRL

Romanian leu
Brazilian real

Convert BRL to RON.
R$ 1 BRL = L 0.80 RON
R$ 2 BRL = L 1.61 RON
R$ 5 BRL = L 4.02 RON
R$ 10 BRL = L 8.03 RON
R$ 20 BRL = L 16.06 RON
R$ 50 BRL = L 40.16 RON
R$ 100 BRL = L 80.32 RON
R$ 200 BRL = L 160.64 RON
R$ 500 BRL = L 401.59 RON
R$ 1000 BRL = L 803.18 RON

Brazilian real
Romanian leu

Convert RON to BRL.
L 1 RON = R$ 1.25 BRL
L 2 RON = R$ 2.49 BRL
L 5 RON = R$ 6.23 BRL
L 10 RON = R$ 12.45 BRL
L 20 RON = R$ 24.90 BRL
L 50 RON = R$ 62.25 BRL
L 100 RON = R$ 124.50 BRL
L 200 RON = R$ 249.01 BRL
L 500 RON = R$ 622.52 BRL
L 1000 RON = R$ 1245.05 BRL

What is BRL

The real is the present-day currency of Brazil. Brazilian real is in plural reais, and symbolized by the 'R$" sign. The real of Brazil is officially subdivided into 100 units called centavos (hundredths). The currency is managed and issued by the Central Bank of Brazil who, as the primary monetary authority throughout Brazil, sets monetary policy with a stated focus on managing price stability. Find out more what is BRL...

What is RON

Romanian leu (plural: lei) is the currency of Romania. Each leu is subdivided into 100 bani (singular: ban). The name of the currency means "lion". Romanian currency symbol is RON. In 2005 Romania underwent a currency reform, switching from the previous new leu (ROL) to another new leu (RON). 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. According to the Romanian Currency Converter of Merrypenny the most popular rate is Romanian leu to euro. Find out more what is RON...

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