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Illustration to PLN to HUF converter. Illustration to PLN to HUF converter.

Polish zloty and Hungarian forint.

PLN / HUF converter

ECB excange rates
28 January 2022

PLN exchange rate today:

1 PLN = 0.013 HUF

HUF exchange rate today:

1 HUF = 76.6929 PLN

Hungarian forint
Polish zloty

Convert PLN to HUF.
zł 1 PLN = Ft 76.69 HUF
zł 2 PLN = Ft 153.39 HUF
zł 5 PLN = Ft 383.46 HUF
zł 10 PLN = Ft 766.93 HUF
zł 20 PLN = Ft 1533.86 HUF
zł 50 PLN = Ft 3834.65 HUF
zł 100 PLN = Ft 7669.29 HUF
zł 200 PLN = Ft 15338.59 HUF
zł 500 PLN = Ft 38346.47 HUF
zł 1000 PLN = Ft 76692.93 HUF

Polish zloty
Hungarian forint

Convert HUF to PLN.
Ft 1 HUF = zł 0.01 PLN
Ft 2 HUF = zł 0.03 PLN
Ft 5 HUF = zł 0.07 PLN
Ft 10 HUF = zł 0.13 PLN
Ft 20 HUF = zł 0.26 PLN
Ft 50 HUF = zł 0.65 PLN
Ft 100 HUF = zł 1.30 PLN
Ft 200 HUF = zł 2.61 PLN
Ft 500 HUF = zł 6.52 PLN
Ft 1000 HUF = zł 13.04 PLN

What is PLN

The Polish zloty (zł PLN) is the currency in Poland. Each modern Polish zloty is is subdivided into 100 groszy. According to Merrypenny money calculator the most popular rate is British pound to zloty. As a result of inflation in the early 1990s, the currency underwent redenomination. Thus, on the 1st of January 1995 10,000 old złotych (PLZ) became one new złoty. Find out more what is PLN...

What is HUF

HUF is currency code of the Hungarian forint. The forint sign is Ft. Forint is divided into 100 fillér. Merrypenny currency converter shows that the most popular Hungarian forint exchange rate is the forint to EUR rate. The Hungarian currency is fully convertible since 2001. When traveling to Hungary, one may face several currency import and export restrictions. Import of local money exceeding 350,000 forint, and export, amounts over 100,000 forint requires permission from the national bank of Hungary. All foreign currency must be declared for import. The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary. Find out more what is HUF...

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