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Illustration to RUB to BRL converter. Illustration to RUB to BRL converter.

Russian ruble and Brazilian real.

RUB / BRL converter

ECB excange rates
24 January 2022

RUB exchange rate today:

1 RUB = 13.8535 BRL

BRL exchange rate today:

1 BRL = 0.0722 RUB

Brazilian real
Russian ruble

Convert RUB to BRL.
руб 1 RUB = R$ 0.07 BRL
руб 2 RUB = R$ 0.14 BRL
руб 5 RUB = R$ 0.36 BRL
руб 10 RUB = R$ 0.72 BRL
руб 20 RUB = R$ 1.44 BRL
руб 50 RUB = R$ 3.61 BRL
руб 100 RUB = R$ 7.22 BRL
руб 200 RUB = R$ 14.44 BRL
руб 500 RUB = R$ 36.09 BRL
руб 1000 RUB = R$ 72.18 BRL

Russian ruble
Brazilian real

Convert BRL to RUB.
R$ 1 BRL = руб 13.85 RUB
R$ 2 BRL = руб 27.71 RUB
R$ 5 BRL = руб 69.27 RUB
R$ 10 BRL = руб 138.54 RUB
R$ 20 BRL = руб 277.07 RUB
R$ 50 BRL = руб 692.68 RUB
R$ 100 BRL = руб 1385.35 RUB
R$ 200 BRL = руб 2770.71 RUB
R$ 500 BRL = руб 6926.77 RUB
R$ 1000 BRL = руб 13853.54 RUB

What is RUB

The ruble or rouble or рубль is the currency of the Russian Federation. The Russian ruble is used also in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and unofficially in Belarus. Russian currency code is RUB, other recent currency codes were RUR and SUR. Currently there is no official Russian currency symbol, though the abbreviations руб and p. are in wide use. The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (kopecks, копейка, копейки). According to the Merrypenny Currency Converter the most popular conversion rate is Russian ruble to USD. The second by popularity currency pair is Russian ruble to euro Find out more what is RUB...

What is BRL

The real is the present-day currency of Brazil. Brazilian real is in plural reais, and symbolized by the 'R$" sign. The real of Brazil is officially subdivided into 100 units called centavos (hundredths). The currency is managed and issued by the Central Bank of Brazil who, as the primary monetary authority throughout Brazil, sets monetary policy with a stated focus on managing price stability. Find out more what is BRL...

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