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Illustration to SEK to IDR converter. Illustration to SEK to IDR converter.

Swedish krona and Indonesian rupiah.

SEK / IDR converter

ECB excange rates
20 January 2022

SEK exchange rate today:

1 SEK = 0.0006 IDR

IDR exchange rate today:

1 IDR = 1640.6346 SEK

Indonesian rupiah
Swedish krona

Convert SEK to IDR.
kr 1 SEK = Rp 1640.63 IDR
kr 2 SEK = Rp 3281.27 IDR
kr 5 SEK = Rp 8203.17 IDR
kr 10 SEK = Rp 16406.35 IDR
kr 20 SEK = Rp 32812.69 IDR
kr 50 SEK = Rp 82031.73 IDR
kr 100 SEK = Rp 164063.46 IDR
kr 200 SEK = Rp 328126.93 IDR
kr 500 SEK = Rp 820317.32 IDR
kr 1000 SEK = Rp 1640634.64 IDR

Swedish krona
Indonesian rupiah

Convert IDR to SEK.
Rp 1 IDR = kr 0.00 SEK
Rp 2 IDR = kr 0.00 SEK
Rp 5 IDR = kr 0.00 SEK
Rp 10 IDR = kr 0.01 SEK
Rp 20 IDR = kr 0.01 SEK
Rp 50 IDR = kr 0.03 SEK
Rp 100 IDR = kr 0.06 SEK
Rp 200 IDR = kr 0.12 SEK
Rp 500 IDR = kr 0.30 SEK
Rp 1000 IDR = kr 0.61 SEK

What is SEK

Swedish krona is the currency of Sweden since 1873 and its ISO code is SEK. Traditionally Swedes sign their currency on price tags and elsewhere as :- or simply kr.

Since krona literally means crown in Swedish, it's sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown in English language.

One krona is subdivided into 100 öre. However, all öre coins were ditched back on 2010.

According to the Merrypenny Currency Converter the most popular conversion rate is Swedish krona to euro.

Find out more what is SEK...

What is IDR

The Indonesian rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. The rupiah is subdivided into 100 sen, although inflation has rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete. Merrypenny currency converter shows that the most popular Indonesian currency exchange rate is the IDR to USD rate. The second popular currency in Indonesia is Australian dollar AUD. Rupiah is used in Indonesia, and unofficially on East Timor along with official US Dollar notes and Centavo coins. Regarding US dollars please be aware that USD series below 2000 are often rejected and series 1996 and below are always rejected for counterfeiting concerns by all businesses on Indonesia. Mainly for the reason that watermark and other security features were implemented 1996 and later. Find out more what is IDR...

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